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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miller and Chong

From left:  Bing Chong (31), Jue Chong (39), Tony Miller (34), Look Chong (29). The brothers Jue, Look, Sam, and Bing continued living at the McCarthy Ranch west of Isleton, and just north of the Isleton Bridge, as they had since 1922.  Rather than farming, the ranch became their home base for developing their infamous asparagus plow and contracting business with Tony Miller.  They plow business was named "Miller & Chong", since they could contract much more business with a white person's name first.  The ranch later became the Silva brothers ranch.  Silva's wife still lived there in 2001, according to Raymond Anderson of Rio Vista, whose dad Holger Anderson was friends with Jue Chong.
Source: chong.zxq.