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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Betty Broadbent

Betty Broadbent, (November 11, 1909-March 28, 1983) also known as the “tattoo’d lady” was born on November 1, 1909 in Philadelphia. Broadbent’s interest in tattooing began at the early age of fourteen. It was then Broadbent met Jack Redcloud while working as a nanny in Atlantic City. He was covered in tattoos, which fascinated Broadbent. This fascination would lead Redcloud to introduce Betty Broadbent to his tattoo artist, Charlie Wagner. In 1927 Wagner, alongside several other tattoo artists, including: Tony Rhineagear, Joe Van Hart and Red Gibbons would tattoo a bodysuit of over 565 tattoos on Broadbent.
Source: hello-tuesdaygoldcandy | wikipedia

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